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Lakou Kitchen, a commercial grade facility at your fingertips. Welcome to your new kitchen.

Professional space for bakers, chefs, small-batch producers, caterers, businesses, food trucks and more.

24/7 Access

Become a member and have access to the facility 24/7 for all your culinary needs.

Prep Tables

Stations are equipped with four (4) 30' x 60' stainless steel prep tables.


Need to prep then store? Look no further than our space. We provide dry, cold & freezer storage.

Individual Cook Stations

With 3 individual cook stations, the space is designed for multiple food businesses to use simultaneously, fostering an environment of community. 

Single Level Facility

Everything you need located on a single level. Easily load/unload all while accessing a facility that grants you ground-level access and amenities.

Membership Options

Select services that fit you and your schedule best, and receive discounted access to mentorship, networking events, workshops, and more.

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The Lakou Kitchen

Designed for multiple food businesses to work simultaneously, Lakou is perfect for large scale meal prepping, cooking classes, caterers, pastry chefs, food truck vendors, and more. Let our facility take you to the next level in your culinary journey. 

About Us

Get to Know Us

Lakou Kitchen is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and housed in our premier multi-functional space which triples as a venue for private use, social events as well as a Mobile Food Vendor Market.

"Lakou" is a Haitian Creole term from the French phrase “la cour” meaning courtyard. In the Haitian culture, friends and family would build their homes around a shared yard, a "lakou". Members of the lakou worked cooperatively and supported each other. The lakou would be a place to come together, create memories and strengthen the community.


Here, at Lakou, we believe bringing people together in a welcoming environment will strengthen bonds both locally and in our surrounding communities.

A space for budding and established culinary professionals alike, Lakou Kitchen is designed to support all of your culinary and business needs. Check out our kitchen, review our storage and packages options and event offerings.

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